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I.Hervet Cabinet autonome planification financière étapes de vie

My interest in finances is a long family tradition.
In 1830, one of my great-great-uncles founded a small provincial bank in Bourges, central France. Albert Hervet, his nephew and heir, gave it his name in 1872. In the banking community Albert was nicknamed "the philanthropist" because for him the clients' personal interests had to be the bank's priority.

Various family members managed the Hervet bank until my father took over in 1971. He broadened the bank's scope by opening several branches in different French cities. When the socialist François Mitterand became France's president in 1981, the Hervet bank got nationalized. By then, the Hervet bank had a network of 80 branches all accross France.
As for me, it was at the time of my divorce that I began to take an interest in personal finances. At that moment, and for the first time in my life, I had to take charge of my financial future without any prior knowledge in that field.
So, after more than 20 years of experience in account management and a postgraduate degree in business administration, I went back to school and began a certificate in personal financial planning at HEC Montréal and I became a Certified Financial Planner in 2011. 


By discussing with friends and acquaintances, I quickly realized that there was a real need for neutral advice in financial planning.

People needed counselling to financially plan for their different life stages, whether for the purchase of their first home, for a change in their marital status, their retirement or any other aspect of their lives that could have an impact on their finances. A lot of the people I talked to also wanted to understand the various parameters and related terms that could influence their future financial well-being. For all those these reason and because of a long lasting interest in human beings, I decided to open an independent financial planning firm that would not sell nor recommend any financial products. Its only objective would be to accompany its clients with the management of their finances throughout the different stages of their lives. In this, I wanted to perpetuate the tradition initiated by my great-grandfather, the philanthropist for whom a bank's priority should always be to promote the financial autonomy of its clients through training and a personalized accompaniment.