Preparing for a separation ...

A separation is always destabilizing and painful psychologically.
In order to get through this difficult life stage, it is important to eliminate financial stress by quantifying your financial needs, today and in the long run.  

Here are the different steps we will work on together:

Assess your cost of living

The first step is to quantify your cash flow needs and the needs of your dependants on an annual basis. This includes your daily expenses but also your special projects such as buying, renting or renovating a home, a return to school, your children's school and extracurricular fees, legal fees, etc.

Analysis of your current and future income

The second step is to make a projection of your different sources of income. Such will include your salary, your investment income, your business income, your pension benefits, etc. The purpose of this exercise is to determine if your income will be sufficient to cover your needs. It is an essential tool to negotiate with your spouse and will be of great help to help you manage your assets.

Following this step, you will find yourself in one of these two scenarios:


Income < Needs: Action Plan n.1

Income > Needs: Action Plan n.2

Follow up

I commit to accompanying you in the implementation of the recommended action plan.
Changes to the original plan will be made if your personal and / or professional circumstances change.

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